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Auto Recyclers

Auto Recyclers

Subaru wrecker is one of the finest auto recycle group in all Melbourne. We are experts in dismantling, salvaging and wrecking automobiles. There is no better, car wrecker Melbourne company than us in the entire Melbourne market. We specialize in local as well as imported vehicles including low compliances vehicles as well.

We not only wreck, dismantle and repair cars, but we also have just the right expertise you would be looking for in a service provider, being one of the best auto recyclers. Subaru is Melbourne No.1 auto recycling centre. Our services include a wide range car, van and other commercial vehicle removal and disposal services.

We collect and recycle all kinds of vehicles, whether its damaged, old, unwanted, wrecked or not, drivable or not, any company, any condition at all, we never give vehicles a second thought. If you want it disposed then we will be happy to do it for you.

We do not simply dispose vehicles, we search if any part of it can be used again, nothing goes to waste; we make sure that any part that can be reused or recycled is reused and recycled.
Our recycling system meets the international standards, for we make sure that all the recycling is done in an environment friendly way and that nothing useable goes to garbage. We have well trained and highly experienced workers, who not only know a thing or two, but everything about their work and are professionals; they love what they do, therefore they make it a priority to give their best so that you are totally satisfied with us.

We collect all vehicles, which are at the end of their life. We are the finest auto recyclers in Melbourne and around. We collect and responsibly dispose of cars, vans, trucks and any 4WD that you may possess.

Do you have a car that you do not wish to drive anymore; neither do you wish to throw it away? We have the solution to your problem. Just give us a call, we will not only bring your useless car to its best use, but you will get paid for it as well. We will turn your unwanted vehicle into instant cash for you. We will remove your car, recycle it, bring it to its best possible use and give you handsome looking cash for it also.

You would not even have to come to us, just give us a call, and our reliable truck drivers will be there to collect your 4WD.

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